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A Thank You Note From Mark Lallo, on the 2019 Jill E. Solomon Helmet Day:

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

On a sunny and comfortable Sat. May 11, 2019, White Plains Rec. & Parks hosted a very successful bicycle helmet safety event.

75 children received new bicycle helmets and had their bike checked for safety and fit by our volunteers. A first for this event, a bike came in a box and assembled by the team ( a big thanks to Steven P.). Also, the most kids ever, participated in the learn to ride station.

A thank you the bike clubs, Unione Sportiva Italiana and Westchester Cycle Club for their continued support of this great program for many years. To the volunteers from the clubs that gave their time and talents: Peter Aaron, Nayyar Butt, Limarie Cabrera, Tim Clear, Gloria Deucher, Ellen Katz, David Marchi, Shelly Mozlin, Steven Pollock, Ian Rosenbluth, Michele Saferstein, Rita Santos, Sherri Tiesi, Pat Viger and Karin Weisburgh, thank you and gratitude from the children of White Plains. A special mention to the charities: Bike4kids and Linkinhandlebars, for the loan and use of equipment & tools.

All the volunteers should be proud to help produce our future cyclists.


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